Marti West Portrait.jpg


Marti West is often on the move. Born in Massa Marittima, near Siena in Tuscany, the Italian-English songwriter spent his early years living in Italy where he was first exposed to music through local opera performances in the town piazza. Musical masterpieces by Verdi, Donizetti and Puccini were often heard through an open window and instilled a love of melody and storytelling at a young age. 

    Since then, he has lived in London, Oxford and Bristol studying music and always releasing songs along the way, before finding his current home in Gothenburg, Sweden. The sparse northern landscapes and minimalist aesthetic of the Scandinavian lifestyle have affected his work, and his mini-album “VIII” shows a more textured nuance to the writing. 

His latest single “Give Me Light” continues this artistic trajectory, placing ethereal vocals in an atmospheric setting drawing comparisons to Elliott Smith, Dustin Tebbutt and Bon Iver.